We offer three, four, five, six and eight hour appointments at reasonable rates with flexible start times.
The rates are:
  • 3 hour appointment: $117
  • 4 hour appointment: $156
  • 5 hour appointment: $195
  • 6 hour appointment: $234
  • 8 hour appointment: $312

Please call for post construction rates

We believe most one-bedroom and studio apartments (with approximately 600 - 1000 square feet) can be cleaned in four hours or less.
Two and three bedroom apartments (with over 1000 square feet) generally require additional hours to clean.
UrbanMaidGreen also offers a special "Pick Two" appointment at a cost of $79. Pick Two appointments are designed for clients that are looking for concentrated cleaning in two particular areas of a home. Many of our clients use this appointment to spruce up their kitchen and bathroom or other difficult-to-clean areas of a home.
We do recognize that each New York City apartment is different and that it may be difficult to categorize your apartment by number of bedrooms or square footage. If you live in an apartment that does not fall into a conventional category, we will adjust our rate to accommodate your situation